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TYGON® B-44-4X Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing

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TYGON® B-44-4X Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing

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Quick Overview

Preferred Tubing of the Food Industry

Producers of food, milk and dairy products insist upon Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing for dependable performance in countless filling, draining, transfer and processing applications. Its smooth, non-porous bore inhibits particle entrapment, promoting a sanitary fluid path by minimizing potential for bacterial growth. It has outstanding resistance to harsh alkaline cleaners and is equally unaffected by commonly used sanitizers.

Lightweight and Flexible

Light in weight and easy to handle, Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing can be  put into service quickly. It readily bends to accommodate abrupt corners and obstructions, requiring a minimum of couplings and fittings. Its flexibility can save up to one-third the footage and much of the labor required to install rigid stainless steel or plastic piping.

Meets FDA, NSF and 3-A Criteria

Non-toxic, taste-free and  odor-free, Tygon®  Food,  Milk  and  Dairy  Tubing meets applicable regulatory standards for contact with food products. Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing is NSF listed under Standard 51. This standard covers plastic materials and components for use in food and beverage processing and dispensing equipment. It also meets FDA 21CFR, 175.300criteria and 3-A Plastics Standard Criteria for use in handling foods  and  beverages.

Available in Large Bore Sizes

Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing is available in large bore sizes up to 6" inside diameter, making it a flexible alternative to rigid piping systems. It offers complete clarity for positive visual inspection and flow control.

Reinforced Tubing Available for Elevated Pressure

A special construction of Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing is also available to meet applications involving elevated pressure. In these instances, select Tygon® Pressure Tubing, Formulation B-44-4X I.B.

Tygon® Pressure Tubing has the identical product features found in Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing, with reinforcement added to withstand up to four times the pressure.


  • Smooth, non-porous bore will not trap particulates or promote bacteria growth
  • Compatible with foods containing a high oil content
  • Resistant to harsh alkaline cleaners and sanitizers
  • Excellent alternative to rigid piping systems
  • Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria


  • Aseptic filling
  • Condiment dispensing
  • Dairy processing
  • Vitamin and flavor concentrate systems
  • Soft-serve dispensing


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