14th February 2020


Update on the COVID-2019 Situation and Bufab/ PureSys’ Actions to Safeguard Deliveries


The corona virus, COVID-2019 outbreak which began in Wuhan, China, has unfortunately not yet been brought under control. Bufab/ PureSys remain committed to serving our valued customers and supporting the health and well-being of our global teams. We respect the very real impact of this outbreak on both people and global supply chains.


Naturally, the situation has caused severe disruptions in the whole Chinese economy, and particularly in industrial operations. At this time, it is unclear when local Chinese supply chains will return to regular operations. Most of Bufab/ PureSys’ suppliers resume limited office work as of 14th February, and in many but not all cases also production activities. The situation at ports (sea and air) is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly difficult to assess. Airlines and ocean carriers are reviewing how to operate in this rapidly changing environment with unknown impact on flight schedules, sailings and capacities to and from China.


We are monitoring the development and the effect this force majeure event has on our supply chain. We are taking all available action in order to keep our deliveries running and avoid disturbances to our customers, for instance by finding alternative sources and logistics routes to keep deliveries to customers uninterrupted to our optimum level. However, Bufab/ PureSys as well as our suppliers have to abide by any further government measures, which could potentially cause delays or interruptions in deliveries.


Our sales and customer service staff will continue to keep you updated as events unfold.


Best regards,


Christopher Png


Managing Director

PureSys Pte Ltd


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Should you  have any queries with respect to the organization's handling of the current situation, please relay your request to kaixuan.sze@puresys.com.sg

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