Dear Valued Customers,

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many parts of the world are moving to a lock-down phase and in Singapore, we have recently implemented our Circuit Breaker Initiative. This includes a lock-down on non-essential work-spaces.

More Information Available here:
Circuit Breaker Full Update
Singapore GoBusiness Portal 

PureSys would like to assure all our partners that we have been deemed as an essential service. Our customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries rely on the components and items we supply to make their products. Some of these include medicine/ devices makers dedicated to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and/or manufacturers of healthcare products such as infusion pumps that are needed even more during this crisis. 

Our teams will continue to work diligently to meet all urgent requests in this difficult times. Despite this, the safety and well-being of every individual staff remains the highest priority. We continue to be vigilant in creating a safe and clean environment for our operations that remain within the work-space, while maintaining a work from home policy for all able employees. 

Since February, we have been putting additional measures in place to protect the health and well-being of our staff and their families, in turn, protecting our customers by keeping the supply chain going to the best of our abilities. These additional measures include heightened stringent social distancing measures within the company work-space, an increase in the work from home initiatives and further diversification of our split team arrangements with staggering office/lunch hours.

This, however, will inevitably reduce our productivity and response time, for which we ask for your understanding and patience. The situation remains fluid and uncertain. We will do our part in communicating any major changes to you promptly.

For the Official letter from our Managing Director, please view it here

Please feel free to reach out to your regular point of contact should you need any clarifications. We stand ready to continue our support of the global fight against the coronavirus.