Here at PureSys, we strive to work with our principals in all aspects of the business to further their cause. We had the honour of joining CPC for their exhibition at the recent BioPharma Asia 2016, held from March 22nd to 24th 2016 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

BioPharma Asia 2016 is a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products, services and to network with prospects and clients from across Asia. Conferences were also held throughout the 3 days, hosting talks by influential people in the industry on various hot topics. Over 2000 biopharmaceutical industry stakeholders from all over the world, attended the exhibition and conference. It was truly an event of highlight in the biopharma industry to usher in a new year of discovery and breakthroughs.  

Biopharma Asia 2016 PureSys

CPC was one of the key sponsors for the show, an annually continued effort for the biopharma exhibitions, and had a strategically placed booth set up to get in touch with all our friends in the industry. CPC sent their best; the business unit manager of Bioprocessing - Mr John Boehm, Director of sales in Asia Pacific - Mr Ernest Chan, and the Bioprocessing business development manager for Asia - Mr Davy Zhao. As a show of support, the whole PureSys team got involved in helping to set up the booth and also stood in as exhibitors for CPC. 

Biopharma 2016 PureSys

At the show, CPC featured the full range of their sanitary couplings that has recently made a huge impact in the Biopharmaceutical industry. The Aseptiquik series is the pride and joy of the Bio industry, tested and proven to be one of the best sterile connectors in the market today. A recent study and test conducted by MSD compared CPC’s Aseptiquik connector to that of bigger brands in the market, Pall and GE. The results? CPC was branded as the preferred choice- withstanding the 14days negative growth media, “dirty room” test, and rated most efficient for use with the lowest FMEA score.

Biopharma 2016 PureSys

Together with the more well-known industry standard polysulfone and polycarbonate couplings, MPC and MPX, CPC’s booth attracted a lot of attention. New potential business partners from all around the world came by to discuss collaboration opportunities, many, eager to try out the samples we had on hand. The booth was also graced by industry leaders like Merck and GE, whom had several interested parties eager to incorporate CPC’s products into their own. We are sincerely thankful for the visitation and are extremely excited for the planned collaboration prospects of the future. 

Biopharma 2016 PureSys

Biopharma Asia also featured a few conference sessions throughout the whole show. PureSys attended a few of these talks by respected leaders in the industry; the talks focused on key topics in the future of bio-manufacturing, vaccinations and downstream processes. We are humbled with the new insights and interesting developments. 

Equipped with these informative insights, we will look into the new applications where PureSys will be able to provide support and service, to improve effectiveness and efficiency, following the new advancements of biopharmaceutical processes and manufacturing. 

Biopharma 2016 PureSys

Attendees from the research and development sectors also showed keen interest in CPC’s product offerings. PureSys has been providing support to the research sector around the region ever since the company was founded, and the collated experience and knowledge, together with CPC, helped in creating a strong point of reference for all the queries the researchers had to ask. 

Finally, we would like to thank all our suppliers, customers and all visitors who came out and made the show such a success! We had a great time working hand in hand with our CPC partners and look forward to working with all our future prospects as well! Here is to a great show for 2016 and a better one in 2017!