As we approach the end of the year, PureSys would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your unyielding support during these tough times.

This year, the pharma industry has seen massive changes through multiple challenges - from developing a vaccine for Covid-19 to managing the supply of lifesaving medicines. Despite the disarray, what we do see, is the industry coming together in innovating new ways of dealing with these unprecedented times.  

Throughout 2020, we had to find ways to protect each other's health and safety from a frightening Covid-19 pandemic, all whilst finding new ways of working to protect our customers’ supply chains in the very chaotic situation. We deeply appreciate our global partners and suppliers for working with us through the restrictions, fulfilling urgent orders and expediting support to various Covid-19 projects. Not only that, we give thanks to the flexibility from our encouraging customers, who understood and emphasized with the limitations in capacity. 

Looking forward into 2021, we can but hope that the darkest hour has passed and things will gradually start to look brighter.Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. As we move into 2021, let us break new ground together, change and develop anew. PureSys will once again, target to set the standards for Ultra Pure Fluid Transfer.

From the Management Team at PureSys - We wish you and your families happy holidays and a great start to the New Year, Stay Safe!




For more information, publication, and marketing related queries, please contact: Kai Xuan, Marketing Manager 

About PureSys

PureSys Pte. Ltd. (“PureSys”) specializes in mechanisms that ensure the integrity of ultra-pure fluids with the best-in-class transfer systems. The company was incorporated in 2012 as a response to the market demands for the preservation of fluid integrity within various systems through the reduced risk of corruption at any point during the transport and transfer process.

Their product line includes tubes, hoses, fittings, connections, filters, clamps and as of Q4 2019, tube sets and assemblies. Focusing on industries such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemicals, water treatment, food and beverage sectors.

About Bufab / Kian Soon Mechanical Components (Parent Company)

Bufab AB (publ), is a trading company that offers its customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts. The company has operations in over 25 countries.

Kian Soon Mechanical Components was founded in 1977 and is one of the leading distributors of C parts in South-East Asia. Aside from their head office in Singapore, the company also has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The company was acquired by Bufab in 2017.